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Calm The Storm: Taking Control Of Your Business and Your Life

You've just started a new business or are currently running one. The tasks ahead seem like an insurmountable mountain. Your head is swirling, stressed with every tiny detail you need to accomplish to prepare for your launch. Everything inside is urging you to push as hard as you can to get everything done simultaneously, causing massive anxiety or stress.

Having worked with numerous business owners, I've witnessed this scenario repeatedly. These feelings act as unnecessary burdens, slowing your journey and significantly limiting your potential for success. What most small business owners don't realize is that having all these thoughts is a gift. They're something to be celebrated, not shamed.

It's somewhat of an odd concept to grasp at first—it was for me, too—until I was on the other side of the negative mindset. How could anxiety and stress possibly be good things?

Without delving into too many details, the short answer is that it indicates high intelligence. Highly intelligent people have a protective mechanism in their brains that inherently looks to the future to identify any gaps or pitfalls. When understood from a primal level, it makes perfect sense. Our brain's ultimate goal is to keep us safe in any environment we're in. So, when faced with an unknown future or circumstance, your brain will try to detect the gaps to avoid any discomfort. This future-oriented thinking allows us to anticipate problems, prepare solutions in advance, and sidestep potential pitfalls. As you naturally try to identify and mitigate these gaps, your brain goes into overdrive, processing all of this, manifesting as stress and anxiety in the body. Now the very thing that is there to protect us is what is weighing us down.

This of course becomes extremely frustrating as this creates a storm in your mind that blocks any real progress. Your body will attempt to do everything at once to race to the finish line. By pushing too hard and going too fast you will end up getting nothing done, just faster. Before you tackle any of your tasks, you need to quiet that storm.

Gaining control over your nervous system is crucial for true growth. For many, this will seem like a waste of time, as it feels like you're not moving the needle towards your goals. It can even make you feel extremely uneasy to your very core. However, slowing down will actually drive you forward even faster; getting your nerves under control is akin to pulling back a slingshot. As soon as you achieve a grounded presence, you'll be launched forward at an unparalleled speed, enabling you not only to accomplish your goals but to enjoy the journey as well.

So, before you do anything on your list, make sure you get your nervous system under control. Then, move forward with even more intentional power. I promise, your future self will thank you.

If you're interested in exploring this further, I would love the opportunity to work with you. Just click the link below to schedule a free consultation call.

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